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We are a consultancy service specialising development, porting, due diligence and optimisation for games and technology.Our team has worked on AAA games such as Fable and The Pathless as well as smaller indie titles like WonderWorlds, I Am Dead and Tin Hearts.We have also contributed towards academic research projects in spaces including VR & Machine Learning.Experienced in all major engines such as Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, as well as working with completely custom engines.

Our services

Have a feature or product you want developed?
We have shipped on every single game platform, worked with all major engines ( and custom ones too! ) and worked on small indie titles all the way to triple AAA!Porting
Experienced in porting for all platforms and getting them through the extensive QA process for each platform holder
Due Diligence Report
Are you planning a major new set of features or perhaps want to bring the game to new platforms?
Do you want to find out why your game is slow?We can create a bespoke Due Diligence report for you which covers many areas including, but not limited to:
- Performance review
- Asset review
- Code review
- Per platform gotchas
- QA requirements
- Multiplayer elements
- Action points and recommendations on how to solve any potential issues
SIMD, multithreading, GPU workload, scene, lighting and asset optimisation.
We can get your game running faster to hit your FPS targetsGraphics
Shaders, custom render pipelines and effects for all engines
Virtual Reality
Optimising for high frame rate targets while maintaining strong visuals and artist intent

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